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Get Healthy NOW following  the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle!

Get the book written by someone who actually lived in Greece and Turkey for over 11 years.  And learn the 4 main components that work together to make this lifestyle complete.  PLUS: how you can trade off to eat many of the foods you already enjoy!

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Touted as the BEST diet in 4 out of 5 years straight, the Mediterranean Diet offers many nutritious options, if you are interested in the food only.  But the Diet is really connected with a Lifestyle that is shown to work best if coupled with a daily walking regimen at least, a family and social structure, and an environment that makes your day to day life a joy.

The ebook explains how this is all interconnected and how to best take advantage of the lessons learned from years of first hand experience and study.

You will not only understand the basis of the 'system' but some ways to get as much out of the foods as possible as simply as possible for those who cannot cook day to day.

In a free update to come within two months,  there will also be links to the main recipes of primarily the Greek and Turkish cuisines, links to travel, clothing and accessories.  The edition offered now does not include recipes or links but the updated ebook will be sent to anyone buying the current edition when the live links are available, free of charge.



The Top Ten Diets

My Story and Experience, The Truth

        The Good News About the Med Diet

        The Mediterranean Diet may cover a multitude of sins

        Living the Mediterranean Diet


Chapter 1:   The Truth about the Mediterranean Diet... I know, I was there!

        Olive Oil: The Ultimate Cooking Antioxidant…….

          Lemon Juice: Antioxidant to use on savories……

The principal components of the Foods and Lifestyle:             Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes, and Nuts


Chapter 2:  The Mediterranean Diet wins Best Diet of 2019!!

          The Good News!  The Benefits

        Veggies and Fruits: Wonder Foods for the Body

          Seeds for Life: Sunflower, Walnut, Pistachio, and more

          Bread, Meats, Cheese, and Yoghurt

          Legumes: the other good protein source

What is white food?

Harvard Health’s Recommendations, and Disclaimer

Chapter 3:  The Mediterranean Diet - and The 5 Blue Zones

        The Buettner Study

What is Really Important

No Spas, counting calories, jogging, fast food  

          How people lived at the time

Sun, Air, Walking

          Managing Stress to Save your Life

Social interaction

Basic Formula to a Better Life

Things my mother cooked!


Chapter 4:  The Science: It’s Good for You!

Medical Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Food Pyramid

Good for the Heart

The AMA’s Take on the Med Diet

It’s Not Too Late to start

Longevity in Greece and Turkey


Chapter Five: Sensible Hacks to get you going…

Trail mix: an easy and tasty way to get your daily seed  intake

Fish in a can: sardines can give you all the benefits of        omega 3 plus so much more

          Fruit and Vegetable Hack: Juicing?


Off the grid living: reduce stress and unplug

More Conclusions and Recommendations

The Tastiest Foods and treats I can recall!

The Nordic Diet: Compare with the Med Diet…

The Bottom Line

The Four Keys to Better Health


Anecdotes and a short fable


The King searches for the best fish of the day

A Day at the Bazaar: an occasional foray

In search of the best tasting yoghurt: a memory of my uncle

My first oysters…


Links coming to Recipes, Travel, Clothing and More ….

CONTACT for Questions and to stay on our list for the next edition with live links!

7491 Conroy Windermere Rd


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