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This ebook describes how food, lifestyle, environment, and social structure are key to being healthy in your life.  Written by John Henry, who lived in Turkey and Greece for over 10 years, his mother -- a Greek -- prepared wonderful dishes for the family through high school.  The 139 page ebook contains important information that you can use to improve your physical and mental well being.  Scientific sources are quoted to expalin the multiple and most complete benefits of any comparable diet.  Links to recipes, travel, clothing and accessories will be included in a future edition and sent to you without charge.

The Truth About the Mediterranean Diet and LIfestyle ebook

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    The Top Ten Diets

    My Story and Experience, The Truth

            The Good News About the Med Diet

            The Mediterranean Diet may cover a multitude of sins

            Living the Mediterranean Diet


    Chapter 1:   The Truth about the Mediterranean Diet... I know, I was there!

            Olive Oil: The Ultimate Cooking Antioxidant…….

              Lemon Juice: Antioxidant to use on savories……

    The principal components of the Foods and Lifestyle:             Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes, and Nuts


    Chapter 2:  The Mediterranean Diet wins Best Diet of 2019!!

              The Good News!  The Benefits

            Veggies and Fruits: Wonder Foods for the Body

              Seeds for Life: Sunflower, Walnut, Pistachio, and more

              Bread, Meats, Cheese, and Yoghurt

              Legumes: the other good protein source

    What is white food?

    Harvard Health’s Recommendations, and Disclaimer

    Chapter 3:  The Mediterranean Diet - and The 5 Blue Zones

            The Buettner Study

    What is Really Important

    No Spas, counting calories, jogging, fast food  

              How people lived at the time

    Sun, Air, Walking

              Managing Stress to Save your Life

    Social interaction

    Basic Formula to a Better Life

    Things my mother cooked!


    Chapter 4:  The Science: It’s Good for You!

    Medical Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

    Food Pyramid

    Good for the Heart

    The AMA’s Take on the Med Diet

    It’s Not Too Late to start

    Longevity in Greece and Turkey




    Chapter Five: Sensible Hacks to get you going…

    Trail mix: an easy and tasty way to get your daily seed  intake

    Fish in a can: sardines can give you all the benefits of        omega 3 plus so much more

              Fruit and Vegetable Hack: Juicing?


    Off the grid living: reduce stress and unplug

    More Conclusions and Recommendations

    The Tastiest Foods and treats I can recall!

    The Nordic Diet: Compare with the Med Diet…

    The Bottom Line

    The Four Keys to Better Health


    Anecdotes and a short fable


    The King searches for the best fish of the day

    A Day at the Bazaar: an occasional foray

    In search of the best tasting yoghurt: a memory of my uncle

    My first oysters…


    Links coming to Recipes, Travel, Clothing and More ….

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