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John Henry grew up in Greece and Turkey 

John's mother was born in Athens and prepared food for the family based on her heritage.  Spending about 2 years in Greece and 9 in Turkey, John and his brother Paul enjoyed the friends and family, the land, the natural exercise and great food through high school graduation.

Having been away from the day to day environment for many years, John elected to write about the daily life he observed in the people of those two countries and how it was that this area of the world produced some of the least obesity, cardio problems, and other ailments compared to the United States and other more industrialized countries.  The answers are surprising and the information is totally authentic.  John attributes his current good health to having had such a great experience with the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle, and he believes you can take advantage of the best aspects too!

John holds a Master in Architecture degree from Texas A&M University and is registered in Florida.  John has written dozens of articles and is continuing with several ebooks at this time.

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